Friday, May 21, 2021

The Christopher Lee Blogathon Is Here – Day 1 Recap


The Christopher Lee Blogathon

After months of planning, the big day has finally arrived. Yours Truly and my co-host with the most, Gill Jacob of Realweegiemidget Reviews, proudly present Day 1 of the Christopher Lee Blogathon! It’s an honor to dedicate this three-day event to one of my all-time favorite actors, who was the embodiment of wit, charm and continental sophistication. There are not enough superlatives in the English language to adequately describe the formidable talent and prodigious exploits of a man who lived a life that would have made James Bond envious. We’re kicking off this blogathon with an impressive batch of posts that would undoubtedly bring a smile to Sir Lee’s typically resolute face.

The Mummy

If you plan to participate but you’re not quite ready, don’t fret, we’ll post your link on Day Two. And of course, it’s never too late to join. Post a comment below, email me at, or reach me on Twitter (@barry_cinematic). You may also contact Gill by commenting on her post, through her blog’s Contact Me page, or on Twitter (@realweegiemidge).

The Wicker Man

Please enjoy Day 1’s submissions below, and remember to tune in Saturday and Sunday for recaps of days two and three!

To the Devil a Daughter Poster
To the blogathon a blog post: Angelman from Angelman’s Place reviews To theDevil a Daughter (1976).

Corridors of Blood Poster

Lê from Critica Retro walks us through the Corridors of Blood (1958)

Beyond Mombasa Poster

Can one man save a movie? Silver Screenings certainly thinks so, taking us one step Beyond Mombasa (1956).

Diagnosis - Murder Poster

It’s no mystery that you should check out Movie Rob’s review of Diagnosis: Murder (1974).

Horror of Dracula Poster

The Grump of Horror is our fearless guide to Hammer’s Dracula (aka: Horror of Dracula) (1958).

The Whip and the Body Poster

Dick Scott of The Oak Drive-In reviews the Franco-Italian production, The Whip and the Body (aka: La frusta e il Corpo; or What!) (1963).

Island of the Burning Damned_Poster
Things get toasty when Brian Schuck of Films from Beyond the Time Barrier takes a gander at Night of the Big Heat (aka: Island of the Burning Damned) (1967).

The Wicker Man Poster

Terence Towles Canote of A Shroud of Thoughts invites us to visit Lord Summerisle in the folk horror classic, The Wicker Man (1973)

Nothing But the Night Poster

John L. Harmon of Tales from the Freakboy Zone bids us good evening, with a look at NothingBut the Night (1973).

Secret of the Red Orchid Poster

Holger Hasse from Hallo, Hier Spricht, lets us in on the Secret of the Red Orchid (aka: Das Rätsel der roten Orchidee) (1962).

The Devil Rides Out Poster

Gill Jacob of Realweegiemidget Reviews shows a different side of Christopher Lee, protecting us from evil in The Devil Rides Out (aka: The Devil’s Bride) (1968).


  1. Mine went up today as well!

    1. Wonderful! Glad to have you join us. I will add your link to the Day 2 Recap.