Sunday, August 15, 2021

Announcing The Third Hammer-Amicus Blogathon

The 3rd Hammer-Amicus Blogathon

Due to the pandemic, 2020 was a difficult year for many. For most of us, that meant putting our plans (big and small) on the back burner, while we dreamed of better days ahead. Although we’ve seen a glimmer of hope in 2021, it’s been a trifle premature to celebrate everything getting back to normal (whatever your concept of “normal” is). One way to safely enjoy some of the little things has been the return to co-hosting blogathons this year. In this spirit, my blogging partner Gill Jacob (of Realweegiemidget Reviews) and I proudly present the Third Hammer-Amicus Blogathon!

Barbara Shelley - Quatermass and the Pit

If you’ve participated in either of the past Hammer-Amicus Blogathons, welcome back. If this is your first time joining us, we’re glad to have you aboard. Either way, be sure to read our rules below, as a few items have changed slightly. We would also like to emphasize that this blogathon is not strictly for bloggers (No blog? No problem!). In addition to blog posts, participants may submit a link to their Instagram or Facebook post, podcast, YouTube video, or whatever. As long as it’s original content and covers some facet of Hammer or Amicus productions, you’re good to go. As always, we encourage you to take a deep dive into the Hammer and Amicus catalogs. The more obscure, the better.


Ingrid Pitt - The House that Dripped Blood

Now, since this is October, which has historically been the month to feature exclusively horror on this blog, you can probably guess where I’m headed with my post. I realize, however, that horror isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so I thought this would be the perfect time to remind everyone that the Hammer and Amicus catalogs featured much, much more, dipping their feet in almost every genre imaginable. Here are some Examples:

Danger Route Poster

Action/Spy Thriller: Danger Route (1967) (Amicus)


Sword of Sherwood Forest Poster

Adventure/Swashbuckler: Sword of Sherwood Forest (1960) (Hammer)

On the Buses Poster

Comedy: On the Buses (1971) (Hammer)

Cash on Demand Poster

Crime: Cash on Demand (1961) (Hammer)

Never Take Sweets from a Stranger Poster

 Drama: Never Take Sweets from a Stranger (1960) (Hammer)


Stolen Face Poster

Film Noir: Stolen Face (1952) (Hammer)


Just for Fun Poster

Musical: Just for Fun (1963) (Amicus)


At the Earth's Core Poster

Science Fiction: At the Earth’s Core (1976) (Amicus)

The above examples were only a mere sampling of the titles that were produced by Hammer and Amicus over the years.

Hammer Films 

You can find a complete list of Hammer films here 


Amicus Productions

…and a list of Amicus films here.


What: The Third Hammer-Amicus Blogathon


Who: Hosted by Yours Truly (Barry P.) and Gill Jacob


Where: Cinematic Catharsis and Realweegiemidget Reviews


When: October 22-24, 2021


How: Please read the rules below, and send me your post request (review, podcast, etc…) via email (, Twitter (@barry_cinematic), or by commenting below. You may also contact Gill by commenting on her post, or through her blog’s Contact Me page. (Be sure to include a link to your blog, your blog’s title, and your preferred name).



1.     You may review ANY Hammer or Amicus film or TV show. Hammer and Amicus-related book reviews are fine.

2.     We will allow a maximum of ONE duplicate film title, UNLESS you are covering a series of films or a retrospective of an actor/filmmaker’s work.

3.     A maximum of TWO entries will be permitted. (You may choose one post from Hammer and one from Amicus …or both can be Hammer or Amicus. The choice is yours!)

4.     When responding with your choice, be sure to add your Twitter handle or a link to your Facebook page so we can promote your post.

5.     Please choose one of the banners below to display on your blog.

6.     A full list of blogs, podcasters and review choices will be posted on a separate page and updated regularly.

7.     Only original, never-before-published posts will be accepted.

8.     Send a link to your post/podcast/video to Gill and me during one of the days of the blogathon.

9.     Note: we will publish all the links on both blogs, with daily updates on October 22nd, 23rd and 24th. If you plan to participate, but you’re running late, please let us know as soon as possible, so we can post a last-minute update.

10.  Please also note: Gill and I have already claimed the following the titles below. As a result, we will only accept one additional write-up for each of these films (see Rule 2 above).


Barry at Cinematic Catharsis – Hammer: Demons of the Mind (1972)


Gill at Realweegiemidget Reviews –Hammer: The Lady Vanishes (1979)

Please choose one of the following banners:

Hammer-Amicus Blogathon Banner-Tales from the Crypt

Hammer-Amicus Blogathon - Captain Kronos

Hammer-Amicus Blogathon - Dr. Terror's House of Horrors

Hammer-Amicus Blogathon - Twins of Evil

Hammer-Amicus Blogathon - The Land that Time Forgot

Hammer-Amicus Blogathon - The Lady Vanishes

We’re looking forward to your submissions. Be creative, and above all, have fun!



  1. Hi Barry! Excited about joining this one! I'd like to contribute with a post on two episodes from Hammer's short-lived Journey to the Unknown anthology TV series: "Matakitas is Coming" and "Poor Butterfly" (1968).

    1. Hello there! You got it! Looking forward to reading your post. Thanks for joining us again! :)

  2. Barry, I'll doa post on When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth on October 24th. My Twitter name is @classic_film.

    1. Excellent. Glad to have you join us, Rick! I'm looking forward to reading your reivew. Cheers!