Sunday, December 3, 2023

The Hammer-Amicus Blogathon IV – Day 3 Recap


Hammer-Amicus Blogathon IV Banner - From Beyond the Grave

Believe it or not, we’ve already reached Day Three of the Hammer-Amicus Blogathon IV, hosted by Yours Truly and Gill from Realweegiemidget Reviews. While there are fewer posts, compared to the past two days, don’t let that dissuade you from reading these superb posts! It’s been a blast co-hosting with Gill, and look forward to our continued collaboration for next year’s (Secret) and (Also secret) blogathons. Watch for announcements in the months ahead…

The Lost Continent

Gill and I have reserved Day 4 for any last-minute posts, so no worries if you’re still running late. Post a comment below, email me at, Twitter (@barry_cinematic), Instagram (barry_cinematic), or by commenting below. You may also contact Gill by commenting on her post, or through her blog’s Contact Me page.

Horror Hotel

In addition to today’s links, be sure to visit the Day 1 and Day 2 Recaps. 


A Hammer Film Production


The Lost Continent Poster

Brian from Films from Beyond invites us to visit The Lost Continent (1968)

To the Devil a Daughter

Mocata from Synthetic Cinema has some choice words to share about To the Devil a Daughter (1976)

The Mystery of the Mary Celeste

Lê from Critica Retro delves into The Mystery of the Mary Celeste (aka, Phantom Ship) (1935)

The Steel Bayonet Poster

J-Dub of Dubsism gives us his assessment of The Steel Bayonet (1957)


Amicus Productions

From Beyond the Grave Poster

Michael from Maniacs and Monsters weighs in on the portmanteau anthology, From Beyond the Grave (1974).

The Land that Time Forgot Poster

The People that Time Forgot Poster

Eric Binford from Diary of a Movie Maniac is here to remind you about The Land That Time Forgot (1974) and The People That Time Forgot (1977).

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