Sunday, April 19, 2020

The Vincent Price Blogathon – Wrap Up

It’s hard to believe that we’ve reached the end of the Vincent Price Blogathon, after months of planning. The call for submissions went out in February, and participants rose to the challenge with multiple reviews, a podcast, videos, a cocktail recipe, and another fabulous word puzzle, courtesy of The Anagram Hunter (see answers below). I’m overwhelmed and awed by the quality and breadth of topics about this versatile, multi-talented performer. The films covered included many favorites, and a quite a few more obscure selections. Sadly, I never got the chance to meet Mr. Price in person, but this blogathon was the next best thing.

Once again, I’d like to thank my blogging pal Gill from Realweegiemidget Reviews for being such a wonderful, resourceful co-host. I’m truly grateful for our collaboration, and look forward to working together on many future blogathons. Also, thanks to everyone who contributed, making this the biggest blogathon we’ve ever done!

And finally, in an announcement that shouldn’t surprise too many loyal bloggers and readers, Gill and I have decided to host a third Hammer-Amicus Blogathon later this year. Watch for details soon. We hope to see many of you again soon.   

If you’re still planning a last-minute submission for the Vincent Price Blogathon, let us know, and we’ll post a link. Post a comment below, email me at, or reach me on Twitter (@barry_cinematic). You may also contact Gill by commenting on her post, through her blog’s Contact Me page, or on Twitter (@realweegiemidge).

And now, on with the contest. Drumroll, please! The winner of the Italian poster pair of The Pit and the Pendulum is…

Al Daugherty!


Answers to the anagram quiz from Day 1 (No peeking, if you haven’t played yet):

1. Theatre of blood 2. House of Wax 3. The Tomb of Ligeia 4. Return of the Fly 5. Beach Party 6. Witchfinder General 7. Twice Told Tales 8. House on Haunted Hill 10. Edward Scissorhands 11. The Abominable Dr. Phibes 12. The Last Man on Earth 13. The Haunted Palace 14. Scream and Scream Again 15. Dr. Phibes Rises Again

Be sure to visit the recaps from days One and Two:

Here are the submissions for Day Three:

Daniberry from Kinojoan seeks out Witchfinder General (1968).

 Enjoy your favorite libation while you read Andrew Wickliffe’s (from The Stop Button) review of Champagne for Caesar (1950).

Cody Hamman from Life Between Frames reviews The Oblong Box (1969)

Eric Binford from Diary of a Movie Maniac let us know if murder mystery Moss Rose (1947) is worth a look.

Kevin Crighton, aka The Grump of Horror, passes judgement on Witchfinder General (aka: The Conqueror Worm) (1968)

Black Cats and Poppies makes her blogging debut with a look at Dragonwyck (1946)

 What the Craggus Saw witnesses a Bloodbath at the House of Death (1984)

Andrew from Maniacs and Monsters would like to extend an exclusive invitation to The Monster Club (1981)

Let Debbie Vega from Moon in Gemini be your guide in The House of the Seven Gables (1940).

Rebecca Deniston from Taking Up Room reviews the film noir classic Laura (1944).

Don’t be afraid to read the Metzinger Sisters’ (from Silver Scenes) discussion of the BBC radio serial The Price of Fear (1973).

Tommy Ross from B-Movie Gazette has prepared a special Theatre of Blood (1973) poem.

Movie Rob is back to tell us about the World War II drama The Eve of St. Mark (1944).

Buzz on over to The Psychotronic Kinematograph, where Glenn McCulla takes a look at The Fly (1958).

Don’t be startled, it’s just Gabriela from Pale Writer with a review of Shock (1946).

Paul from Reel Distracted hangs out with The Last Man on Earth (1964)

Are you brave enough to explore The House on Haunted Hill (1959) with Lê from Critica Retro?


  1. Sorry, I forgot to give you credit for the Blogathon. I fixed my reviews. Thanks again for the Blogathon! :)

    1. Hey, it's all good! You're welcome, and thank you for your awesome contribution!