Friday, October 22, 2021

The 3rd Hammer-Amicus Blogathon Has Arrived – Day 1 Recap


Hammer-Amicus Blogathon Banner - Cushing

After a one-year hiatus, the Hammer-Amicus Blogathon has risen from the grave for yet another round. Once again, my co-host extraordinaire, Gill Jacob from Realweegiemidget Reviews has joined me to preside over the three-day blogging event. We’d like to extend a big thanks to our regulars, who have participated in our previous Hammer-Amicus blogathons, and a warm hello to those who are joining us for the first time.   

We’re excited to see such a wide variety of posts, covering deep cuts in Hammer and Amicus’s respective catalogs, shining the spotlight on some unknown and unloved titles. Once again, there’s something for everyone here, covering a wide range of genres, from horror and mystery, to musicals, and everything in between. 

If you plan to participate but you’re not quite ready, don’t despair, we’ll post your link on days two or three. Post a comment below, email me at, or reach me on Twitter (@barry_cinematic). You may also contact Gill by commenting on her post, through her blog’s Contact Me page, or on Twitter (@realweegiemidge). 

Now, on with the show! Be sure to check out the following links, and tune in Saturday and Sunday for recaps of days two and three.



The Witches Poster

There’s sure to be double, double toil and trouble if you miss Angelman’s review of The Witches (1966). 

These Are the Damned Poster

This is Michael Denney’s (from Maniacs and Monsters) review of These Are the Damned (1962). 

The Black Glove Poster

Rebecca Deniston from Taking Up Room throws down the gauntlet with her review of The Black Glove (aka: Face the Music) (1954). 


Cloudburst Poster

Prepare for some stormy weather when Terence Towles Canote from A Shroud of Thoughts reviews Cloudburst (1951). 


Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter Poster

Join John V. from John V's Eclectic Avenue, as he rides along with Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter (1974). 


The Vengeance of She Poster

Holger Haase from Hammer and Beyond prepares us for TheVengeance of She (1968).

The Lady Vanishes Poster

Gill Jacob from Realweegiemidget Reviews appears with her review of The Lady Vanishes (1979). 


Demons of the Mind Poster

It’s a Freud for all, when I examine Demons of the Mind (1972).



The Beast Must Die Poster

Take a (Werewolf) break from the ordinary, when Scampy from The Spirochaete Trail discusses The BeastMust Die (1974). 

Ring-A-Ding Rhythm Poster

Hey, daddy-O, get hip to John L. Harmon’s review of Ring-A-Ding Rhythm! (1962).

Amicus Horror Anthologies - Tales from the Crypt

Jay from Cinema Essentials invites us to read about the Amicus Horror Anthologies.

It's Trad, Dad Poster

The good folks at That's Cool, That's Trash! discuss what those kooky young people are listening to these days, in It's Trad, Dad! (aka: Ring-A-Ding Rhythm!) (1962).

Supper with the Stars Cover

Gill Jacob is back to serve a second helping in the blogathon, paging through Peter Fuller and Jenny Hammerton’s new book, Supper with the Stars, with Your Host Vincent Price (2021)



  1. I was away last weekend so I'm only now starting to work my way through everyone's articles. Such a fun blogathon. Thanks again to you and Gill for hosting.

    1. Thanks, Michael. We were so happy to have you (and Andrew too!). I'm still working my way through all the posts, as well. I'm glad you finally got a chance to get some much-needed R&R.