Sunday, August 26, 2018

It’s National Dog Day

I’m taking a quick paws (I couldn’t resist… someone please stop me.) from my regularly scheduled programming to honor our four-legged pals on National Dog Day. They offer so much, yet expect so little in return. For the price of some kibble, treats and toys, they pay us back tenfold with unconditional love and unwavering companionship.

Some followers of this blog (I think there might be two or three of you) might recall that I featured a post several years back, “Pet Peeves About Pets,” with guest blogger Lassie, ranting about the unfair depiction of pets in many films. I think the least we can do in recompense for these cinematic transgressions is National Dog Day. For the occasion, I’ve invited Lassie back to introduce today’s short film, courtesy of the good folks at Honest Paws. She’s joined by my trusty neurotic dog, Luna (pictured above), to introduce the short video “100 Years of Famous Dogs”:

Hi folks, this is your old pal, Lassie and your new pal, Luna. Barry from Cinematic Catharsis lured me out of semi-retirement to talk to you humans about “100 Years of Famous Dogs.” Luna is a dog of many barks and few words, so I’ll do the introduction on her behest. If I could rate the following video, I’d give it two thumbs up. Alas, I’m a thumb-less canine, so I’ll just tell you I had a howling good time. Enjoy!

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