Thursday, May 12, 2016

Update: Nature’s Fury Blogathon

The Nature’s Fury Blogathon is little more than a month away, and response has been tremendous, with more than 60 participants signed up so far! I’m truly impressed by the variety of titles that are being covered, encompassing several eras of cinema, and can’t wait to read everyone’s posts.  If you’re thinking of joining, there’s still plenty of time to stake your claim, as long as your desired title hasn’t already been spoken for. And if you’re already a participant, feel free to spread the word to fellow bloggers, friends, lovers, acquaintances and enemies. To borrow a phrase from one of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes, there’s always “room for one more, honey.”

What: The Nature’s Fury Blogathon,

Who: Hosted by yours, truly

Where: Cinematic Catharsis

When: June 18-20

How: You can find FAQs, blogathon instructions, and a complete participant roster here

All participants take note: I will be posting daily updates throughout the blogathon’s three-day run, with links to your articles. Please send me a link via email (, Twitter (@barry_cinematic), or by commenting below. If your post is already complete, feel free to send me the link early, and I’ll include it on my first update.

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