Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Look Ma, I’m on a Podcast!

It’s been a day since I’ve returned from my family road trip, but after traveling 3,600 miles through 12 states and one Canadian province, it’s been a little hard getting back in the swing of things, with my blog and Twitter ventures.  I’m also a bit late announcing my podcast debut, as a guest on Episode 27 of  Todd Liebenow’s Forgotten Filmcast, where we discussed the Roger Corman-produced Battle Beyond the Stars, as well as a couple of overlooked gems from Mr. Corman.  Many thanks to Todd for extending the invite, and putting up with my newbieness (is that a word?).  Be sure to check out his previous podcasts, as well as news and views about various movies lost to the annals of yesteryear on his site, Forgotten Films.


  1. Coincidence: I just guested on my first podcast tonight! The Info Zombie had me on. I'm getting yours off of iTunes now.

    1. Very strange... Congrats on your first podcast! Looking forward to hearing it.