Monday, December 16, 2013

Blog Update: Japan-uary III

You might have noticed the content on my blog has slowed down a bit.  Chalk it off to holiday blues, watching a slew of mediocre flicks that defy critique, a general malaise, or what have you, but things are about to pick up in a hurry.  You see, there’s one thing that only happens once a year that I can’t help but get excited about… You can keep Christmas and New Year’s Day, because Japan-uary III, my latest month-long tribute to cinema from the Land of the Rising Sun, is almost upon us.   

It’s another opportunity to discuss some of my favorite films, and hopefully discover some new favorites along the way.  Join me, as I take an honest, albeit uncultured look at the works of Kurosawa, Ôtomo, Miike, Kawasaki, and many others throughout January.  One month of the year isn’t nearly enough to explore the output from a country that consistently produces some of the most compelling (and beguiling) film the cinematic world has to offer, but fear not – I suspect Japan-uary IV is an inevitability.

As always, stay tuned…

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